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The Art of Setorii

The Art of Setorii is an exciting new book series that will feature collections from all over the world.


All over the world, people are obsessed with collecting things. It doesn’t require a lot of money to get started, and as their collections grow, so does their value. Collectionados is about these unique individuals – they are not seeking fame or even necessarily to create a fortune, they are passionate about collecting objects that speak to them and sometimes that no one else has.

World Impact Series

The World Impact Series (WIS) is a global dining series sharing insights, ideas, trends, and solutions by connecting CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs, influencers, and digitally connected consumers who push the boundaries of the status quo..

Setorii Inc.

Setorii provides innovative ways to brand, market and update both new and established brands. She focuses on directing external agencies for creative brand positioning campaigns and multi channel marketing. She provides services and creative direction for photos and videos, art direction, visual merchandising, web creative, new shop concepts, campaigns, brand strengthening, image curating and special event productions.


Destination Luxury

Destination Luxury is an online magazine that focuses exclusively on the luxury market with an established social media leader in the luxury sector. DLX’s mission is to capture the most exclusive of locales, events and people in alluring, poignant and inspiring features. Destination Luxury’s cinematic films help to establish emotional connections with luxury consumers as they take viewers on a memorable journey.