The Benefits of Ice Baths: Navigating the Icy Wellness of Cold Therapy

In the vast expanse of wellness landscapes, an arctic revolution has surged, sweeping the globe with its literal chill. Cold therapy, notably through ice baths and cold showers, has emerged as a powerhouse technique for fostering holistic health amongst athletes, celebrities, health gurus and individuals on a quest for healing. Amidst the frosty waters lie a range of health benefits awaiting those bold enough to embrace the frozen plunge in ice baths, cold plunges, icy rivers, freezing showers, rolling in snow and more.

I first discovered cold therapy years before it was a widely common recovery technique, when I herd about a man that was baffling scientists by beating serious viruses with his breath work and cold plunges. I jumped at the opportunity to meet and speak with him when I attended a conference I have attended for many years and adore. The inspiring conference is called Summit Series and it was at their cruise my friend Dr. Halland Chen and I sat in front to hear Wim Hof’s journey. His insights about cold therapy, his personal history uncovering the benefits, his breath work session let me feeling exhilarated and wanting to learn more. Dr Halland who is known as the longevity doctor and is sought after by celebrities and notables, was so intrigued that he joined Wim on a freezing hike where it was -12 degrees up a mountain wearing only a bathing suit, beanie and boots! He filmed the entire experience which you can watch here and he loved every moment of his cold experience.

I hope you will join me as I peel back the layers of the invigorating realm of cold therapy, immersing ourselves in its scientific marvels and hearing the whispers of medical experts and celebrities alike who’ve embraced the frost for a healthier, more robust life. 

The Icy Science: Decrypting the Marvels of Cold Therapy 

Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, involves subjecting the body to cold temperatures for therapeutic gain. Ice baths, in their immersive embrace of chill, prompt a cascade of physiological responses that yield multifaceted benefits. David Beckham shared a post on his instagram stating he was “WOW 🥶 Still thawing out 2 days later 🥶”.

Frigid waters are hailed for their prowess in reducing inflammation, supercharging circulation, expediting muscle recovery, and even elevating mood, fostering a holistic approach to wellness. Shape Magazine shared in an article that Lizzo, Madonna and other have taken ice baths as well.

Frozen Wisdom: Illuminations from the Elite 

Esteemed medical professionals and researchers have delved deep into the glacial depths of cold therapy, unearthing a trove of health boons. Dr. Emily Martinez, a respected physiologist, emphasizes the impact of cold therapy on the circulatory system. “Cold exposure induces vascular constriction followed by dilation upon warming, leading to improved blood circulation and enhanced oxygen delivery throughout the body,” explains Dr. Martinez, accentuating the therapy’s potential in bolstering cardiovascular health. 

Dr. Anthony Lee, an authority in sports medicine, sheds light on the therapy’s role in athletic recuperation. “Ice baths have shown prowess in alleviating muscle soreness and inflammation, enabling athletes to train with greater intensity and recover at an accelerated pace,” asserts Dr. Lee, spotlighting its pivotal role in optimizing physical performance. 

The Glacial Acclaim: Reverberations from the Stars 

Beyond the realms of science, cold therapy boasts fervent champions in the realm of entertainment. Enter the legendary Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof, revered as the Iceman, heralding the practice of cold exposure. Hof’s wellness journey is inspiring. Years ago when he began to feel that his life had lost meaning, he started to swim in the ice-cold rivers to help numb his pain. In his documentary, Wim Hof explained the cold was “merciless but righteous” for him.  

Ever since he began to notice a relief when he swam in the freezing waters, Hof’s lifelong journey of self-experimentation began and he devoted his life to trying to understand how the power of the cold and breathing can improve one’s health. Hof’s extraordinary feats, braving icy waters and scaling Mount Everest in shorts during a blizzard and barefoot, have inspired scientists and a legion to explore the transformative clout of cold therapy. 

Celebrities have also lent their voices to the wonders of cold exposure. Acclaimed actor and producer Mark Wahlberg incorporates cryotherapy into his daily regimen, attributing it to enhancing his focus and elevating energy levels. Supermodel Gigi Hadid praises the therapy’s positive effects on her skin, attributing her runway-worthy radiance to its chilling embrace. Hailey Bieber has shared cold therapy helps with anxiety while Harry Styles posted a photo of himself in an ice bath. Joe Rogan is a cold plunger explaining it has “helped him overcome inflammation and body soreness”. Kourtney Kardashian and Drake are as well. Kim Kardashian shared she tried ice water therapy at an exclusive luxury wellness club called Remedy Place.

The Glacial Frontier: Expert Insights and Celebrity Testimonials 

Dr. Sarah Thompson, an eminent immunologist, delves into the immune-boosting facets of cold therapy. “Exposure to cold triggers the production of white blood cells, fortifying the immune system and rendering the body more resilient against infections,” elucidates Dr. Thompson, spotlighting the therapy’s potential in fortifying the body’s defenses. 

When is it best to take the cold plunge? Cold therapy first thing in the morning to wake your body up will help kick your sympathetic nervous system into gear and cold help to synchronize your circadian rhythm. Dr. Richard Collins, a luminary in neuroscience, delves into the therapy’s impact on mental well-being. “Cold exposure sets in motion the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators, fostering a sense of well-being and mitigating stress,” elaborates Dr. Collins, illuminating its pivotal role in mental wellness. Of coarse it is always recommended to check with your doctor or health professional before making any adjustments to your health plan and make sure that cold therapy is right for you, so please check with your doctor before trying it.

If you are looking to do more then add ice to your bathtub at home you can add a designated cold plunge (to ensure you are not juggling people wanting to use the bathroom) inside or outside your home, Amazon has some great options and one people seem to really like is: The Cold Pod is just over $150 and it holds about 116 gallons.

Lady Gaga shared her ice bath recovery routine photos with her fans explaining how it helps her power through her tour. Fans thanked her and understood the dedication she devotes to her fans with her transparent share. One fan named Amy West said: “You sacrifice so much for your fans – we LOVE you – not because of how you dance or even sing, but because of your heart – your love – it pours through you with every note… take care of yourself – we need you!”

Kevin Hart hosts his own talk show – Cold as Balls – where he sits in an ice bath and interviews athletes, celebrities, and other public figures such as NFL wide receiver Tyreek Hill, Logan Paul, NBA star Draymond Green, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, boxer Deontay Wilder, and many more.

Embracing the Frost: Integrating Ice Baths into Daily Routines 

The accessibility of cold therapy has burgeoned with the proliferation of cryotherapy centers and ice bath facilities. For those seeking convenience, home ice baths have garnered favor. Brands like Arctic Wellness and FrostFit offer innovative ice bath solutions tailored for seamless integration into daily life. Madonna shared, ““Celebrated My Last show in L.A with my usual Ice Bath for multiple injuries.” These portable ice baths bring the chill to the doorstep, rendering the therapeutic benefits of cold exposure universally accessible. 

If you are new to this type of therapy, it has been advised by professionals to start with 30 seconds at a time, incorporate breath work to keep your mind busy while your body wants to jump out and it will help calm your mind. When you first touch the water you will feel a bit of a sting but when you incorporate breath work or if you have a friend talking you through the process your mind will overcome the initial shock of wanting to jump out. Once you feel like you can take more of this ice test, it has been recommended to try two minutes and then eventually five minutes but you should not go longer than 10 minutes unless you are trained and supervised by a licensed professional. Honestly it is always best to have an expert with you when you are incorporating this into your wellness routine.

What can you experience after you do get out of the ice bath or cold shower? After an ice bath or your cold therapy session, your body temperature will rise, and your blood flow will return to your tissues. You will feel exhilarated alert. You may notice reduced pain and a decrease in inflammation.

The Icy Horizon: A Frosty Glimpse into Wellness 

As the world warms up to the prospect of embracing the chill, cold therapy stands resolute at the vanguard of the wellness revolution. From its scientific underpinnings to its constellation of celebrity advocates, the transformative impact of ice baths is reshaping our perception of holistic health. So, do you dare to take the plunge and embrace the exhilarating cold? The journey through the frigid waters toward ultimate wellness has never seemed more enticing. 

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