Podcast & Radio Interviews

I have the honor and pleasure to interview some of the most fascinating minds helping to change our world for the better, people that inspire us, individuals who are changing the way things are done, notable names and so many more. I would love for you to be part of these interviews and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Leaders & GameChangers

The Leaders & Game Changers podcast – hosted by Setorii Pond – is a twice-monthly podcast about leadership, passions, success, and personal growth.

Setorii speaks with entrepreneurs, CEOs, elite professionals, leaders, celebrities, entertainers, and more. Each episode is filled with leadership lessons, provides insight into their fascinating journeys, what makes them “them,” tips on success/leadership/wisdom and stories from those you know and some you’ll love to meet. Learning tips and advice through legacies shared to uplift listeners and help you go further, faster.

Setorii’s deep-dive discussions with fascinating leaders and game-changers are aimed to help leave listeners inspired. Their shared wisdom, real-world, actionable advice, and how they took their lives to the next level help expand our knowledge of leadership and answer the why, what, and, most important, how.

Enhance Your Life

Enhance Your Life is a bi-monthly radio interview speaking about all topics that can add value to your life, share tips, passions and facts. Each episode features inspiring guests and insights from Setorii.

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